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The Art Of Getting By (homework) UPDATED

George's mother and stepfather (Rita Wilson and Sam Robards) are concerned, but curiously distant. The family is obviously affluent, but isn't obsessed with George graduating or getting into a good school. He is spared counseling or diagnosis, and we later learn about their distractions. But his school is very engaged, especially his principal (Blair Underwood), his English teacher (Alicia Silverstone), and his bearded and irascible art teacher (Jarlath Conroy). They come up with a deadline that would provide more tension if it were not so clear that a film like this requires George to meet it.

the art of getting by (homework)


look, I'm fully aware this is a shit movie but watching it tonight really helped me and i had such a nice connection with it. it made me realise that life is hard, love is hard, and they don't stop for a second nor do they ever seem to slow down but there's a way through it, there has to be... "anything is possible" and i guess that's the art of getting by.

The art of getting by is an indie teen drama. It's not a terrible film but not great or memorable, very average but good to sit back and relax to. Nothing really happens in the story ,its basically just the main character having to do his homework , but Freddie wigmore and Emma Robert's are watchable. The way New York is filmed is aesthetically pleasing and the soundtrack is fantastic, one of the best things in the film, filled with delightful indie tunes throughout. A good film to put on if you just want to chill, just dont expect anything exciting and go with the flow.

George's one interest is drawing and instead of doing homework in math, English, and art, he doodles pages and pages of sketches. With graduation just months away, having received a warning from the principal (Blair Underwood) that he needs to get his act together or risk not graduating, he is befriended by Sally (Emma Roberts), who is fascinated by his rebellious nature. She introduces him to her world of fashionable parties and night clubs. George takes her to galleries and shows her the adventures available to those who skip school. Although he is soon madly in love with Sally and the way in which her presence has animated his lonely life, he is unable to verbalize his feelings. She introduces him to her promiscuous mom (Elizabeth Reaser), and he lets her accompany him on a visit to the Brooklyn loft of Dustin (Michael Angarano), a school alumnus who is an abstract painter. George considers him as his mentor. Dustin is attracted to Sally who is getting impatient with George's emotional immaturity.

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