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[S1E4] Identity Crisis

To prevent abuse of its capabilities, Finch had programmed the Machine to only provide an identity of a person predicted to be involved in an imminent lethal crime, in the form of a Social Security number, but no details of the crime or whether the person of interest is a perpetrator or victim. Those involved in creating Northern Lights, such as Finch's best friend and business partner Nathan Ingram, have largely been killed by the authorities to hide the project's existence. Finch realises that knowledge of the victims deemed "irrelevant" would have saved his partner, and decides to act covertly on the non-terrorism predictions. He hires Reese to conduct surveillance and intervene in these cases. Finch and Reese attempt to understand the threat to, or by, people whose numbers the Machine provides, and try to stop the crime from occurring. They are helped by NYPD Detectives Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman), a formerly-corrupt officer whom Reese coerces into helping them, and Joss Carter (Taraji P. Henson), who initially investigates Reese for his vigilante activities.

[S1E4] Identity Crisis

"The Resident" TV show, starring Matt Czuchry as Conrad Hawkins, Emily VanCamp as Nurse Nicolette "Nic," Shaunette Renée Wilson as Mina Okafor, Melina Kanakaredes as Dr. Lane Hunter, Bruce Greenwood as Dr. Solomon Bell and Manish Dayal as Devon Pravesh, will have an upcoming episode titled "Identity Crisis" that will air in the US on Feb. 5. It will show a case of mistaken identity due to a mix-up in the Emergency Room (ER).

According to a Fox press release, "The Resident" season 1, episode 4 will show a mix-up in the ER, which causes a mistaken identity. Unfortunately, the mistake involves Conrad delivering the wrong death notification to a different family. Meanwhile, Mina will overreach in the surgical unit, and she will be benched because of it. As for Devon, he will bond with an elderly patient. Plus, Nicolette will have a hard time finding the records of a patient who has been under Lane's care.

There's a lot of potential in further developing Jake's character and it's simply not being done. It's as if Shining Vale keeps going between two paths, either wanting to focus on everyone in the family with little or no development towards the children or simply focusing a majority of the time on Pat and Terry. The house is being done justice, both in design and use, but it's being left behind some as the writing has an identity crisis of sorts in deciding if the house or the kids are worth more in character investment. The dialogue between Pat and Terry has improved quite a bit, making me love some of their interactions, particularly this episode when they chat in the newly discovered bar and lounge area of the basement. Terry's character shows his flaws and is excellent up against Pat's personality. I shouldn't want to fully hate the kids, I should be given a crumb of concern but I don't feel it when the focus is put on them. The purpose of Gaynor in this episode keeps floating back and forth between feeling like a filler or of importance to the story. Somewhat of the same could be said of Jake as well. Their environments end up doing more for plot progress than they seem to at times.

This podcast, hosted by the Engage Democracy Fellows at the Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement at Washington University, seeks answers to these questions while providing listeners with multiple angles to inquire, reflect, and discern our civic identity and calling as a community.

At the party, Carrie crushes on a cute boy who is actually crushing on Walt. Carrie spends most of the party caring for Larissa, who is passed out from taking far too many drugs. Meanwhile, Walt has an identity crisis. When the boy kisses him, Walt insists that he's straight. Upon returning home, he shows up at Maggie's house and the two of them sleep together.

His supposed "meditation room" which Tahani is not allowed to enter is in fact a "bud-hole", a man-cave room full of posters of his favorite musicians, a large TV and a video games machine. Eleanor and Chidi try to persuade Jason not to reveal his true identity.

The big conflict of the new series is secrecy versus openness. In episode 1, we saw the team try to maintain the secret identity of fledgling superhero, Mike Henderson. In episode 2, we saw how a lack of secrecy about the location of a dangerous HYDRA artifact led to a near-global crisis. Episode 3 brought the theme home, with Skye torn between a billionaire who promotes transparency to exploit scientific advances for financial gain and a spy organization that uses secrecy to harbor major weapons for unknown purposes. 041b061a72


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